March 25, 2023

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A dog adopted by a Canadian woman has not stopped growing already at 40 kg

A Canadian woman knew that her adopted dog, a cross between the Pyrenean and Anatolian Shepherd breeds, had every chance of getting big as an adult. However, her “little dog” Murphy, only nine months old, is almost her size and has already reached 40kg.

Jade Stewart, 34, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, brought Murphy home when he was already eight weeks old, weighing 1.4kg. Despite his size, he gets along well with his two young children, Odin, 5, and Elijah, 4.

“He’s a big couch potato, fluffy and stubborn. A lot of people are shocked by his size and how relaxed he is. But he’s really good with kids,” she says. “The three of them run around the house playing tag and the kids are ecstatic. He’s like our third child.”

Jade and her husband Alex knew Murphy would be a great dog when they brought him home. “His father is a 68-pound Pyrenean and mother is a 50-pound Anatolian Shepherd, so I hope he’s somewhere in between,” he joked.

Since Murphy’s arrival, Jade has begun recording occasional videos, documenting her growth to people curious about the details of “giant life.”

“We know he will grow a lot more. But we are ready. Soon the kids will be able to ride him even to play”, he commented.

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