October 5, 2022

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A connection with the Moon Sect would have prompted a change of ministers in Japan the world

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio KishidaFluctuating in popularity, he reshuffled his government on Wednesday, including replacing his defense minister, amid controversy over his party’s ties to Moon factions since the former leader’s assassination. Shinzo Abe.

Kishida, whose Liberal Democrat Party (PLD, nationalist right) won a landslide victory in last month’s Senate elections, faces a three-year period without major elections.

However, according to several recent polls, the prime minister has seen his popularity plummet Japan Battling runaway inflation, a new wave of Covid-19 infections and rising military tensions in the region, people wonder about links between LDP leaders and the Japanese branch of the Unification Church, known as the Moon Sect.

Assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo AbeIn July, old controversies were brought to the fore by a man who accused him of his alleged links to the religious group. Japan.

Kishida had said last week that he wanted to ask all ministers to clarify their possible links with the Unification Church.

brother Shinzo Abe It was changed

brother of Shinzo AbeNobuo Kishi, who was sworn in as defense minister on Wednesday, revealed that members of Moon’s faction had volunteered in his election campaigns, officially for health reasons.

New Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada, 66, who previously held the post from 2008-2009, is now highly exposed amid tensions over Taiwan, the North Korean threat and the war in Ukraine and support for PLD leaders. Doubling the national defense budget to 2% of GDP.

The reshuffle also sees the return to government – in charge of digital – of the popular Taro Kono, former defense and foreign minister and Kishida’s rival at the helm of the PLD last September.

Sane Tagaichi, a close associate Shinzo AbeKnown for its ultranationalist positions, was appointed to the Economic Security portfolio.

Katsunobu Kato, formerly head of the Ministry of Health, Employment and Social Affairs, returns to the post.

Kishida also held important posts: Chief of Diplomacy, Yoshimasa Hayashi; Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki and Government General Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno.

The Moon faction claims to be the target of hate propaganda

The Japanese branch of the Unification Church, known as the Moon Sect, said on Wednesday it was the target of a “hate campaign” and had received “death threats” following the assassination of the former prime minister. Shinzo Abe.

Tomihiro Tanaka, head of the religious group’s Japanese branch, criticized the media at a news conference, saying its “disgusting” and “false” coverage amounted to “religious persecution” and a “violation of human rights”.

Abe’s alleged killer, Tetsuya Yamagami, was arrested immediately after the attack on the former ruler on July 8, after a “specific organization” he said had ties to Abe.

“We have never committed acts of violence or murder,” but the church has been receiving “death threats” and some of its members have complained of abuse against them, including molesting their children.

The current Japanese Prime Minister, Tanaka expressed regret. Fumio KishidaMembers of your government have been asked to clarify whether they belong to the Uniting Church.

However, he acknowledged that the church has common interests with Abe’s PLD party, “fundamentally opposed to communism.”