March 25, 2023

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A British man has found a Soviet spaceship worth more than 1 billion abandoned in the desert

A British man named Greg Abandon discovers a spaceship built by the Soviet Union Cold War Dropped into a hangar in the middle of the desert. The equipment was not in perfect condition and many points were damaged, but it was still worth £189 million.

The space equipment is named after Pytichka, which means “little bird” in Russian. According to The Sun newspaper, the spacecraft would have been used in a Soviet mission that failed and was later abandoned, at the end of the Soviet Union.

The same hangar housed the 58-meter-tall rocket, which made a successful journey into space during an unmanned mission in November 1988.

Greg Pidichka did not reveal the exact location of the find. However, the spacecraft is known to have been in the Baikonur desert in Kazakhstan launching rockets.

“I first heard about space shuttles in an article I found online, and I couldn’t fathom how space shuttles that cost millions of dollars were rusting away. There’s always been something about space that fascinated me,” Gregg tells the Mirror.

On his personal website, he says his life changed after a trip to Ukraine, near the site of the Chernobyl power plant, the site of the largest nuclear accident in history. Since then, he has devoted himself to exploring abandoned places around the world.

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