December 4, 2022

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A Brazilian is attacked and dragged by her lover into a building in Colombia; Watch the video

The attacker, identified as Juan Fernando Barona, was a journalist; He was fired from his employer

A Brazilian was beaten and dragged by her boyfriend in Colombia

A Brazilian was beaten and dragged by her boyfriend in Colombia

Photo: Reproduction / RTVC

Public Ministry Colombia Daniel Silveira Lionel, a Brazilian, launched an investigation into the violent assault by his partner, 35-year-old journalist Juan Fernando Barona. The chargesheet was recorded on the surveillance camera. (see below).

In a video that echoed on the web this Thursday, 10, the journalist can be seen hitting her companion with fists and knees inside the elevator, while she lies on the floor and tries to defend herself from the aggression.

According to Colombian broadcaster RTVC, the behavior of Barona’s friend, who appears to help pull the woman to the ground, according to videos, is also being investigated. In the footage, the duo can be seen dragging Daniel by the arms across the building’s parking lot.

According to RTVC, Barona was among a group of journalists who traveled to Egypt to cover the announcements made during President Gustavo Pedro’s participation in COP-27. After learning the truth, the President decided to withdraw him from the official delegation.

“As a result of the well-known allegations of gender-based violence against the journalist Juan Fernando Barona, the President of the Republic contacted Notícias Uno. [veículo que o jornalista trabalhava] “The director should inform the president that this contributor will be removed from the team of journalists covering the president,” the president’s office said in a statement.

Jorge Acosta, the manager of Noticias Uno, informed Juan Fernando Barona that he was no longer part of the media and “has the right to protect the man within the appropriate process.”

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