December 9, 2022

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A 21-year-old employee has died after being attacked by a tiger at a zoo in Chile

A 21-year-old woman was attacked and killed by a tiger on Friday, June 6, at the Rangaqua Safari Park in Chile. According to local media, the victim was identified as Catalina Torres Iberra, who had been working at the zoo for two years. The tragic incident happened when she entered the animal’s place to clean up, but she did not notice that the cat was relaxed.

A graduate in eco-tourism from Andres Fellow University, he worked as a guide at the zoo, according to the “Magnodius” portal.

– We saw a worker die while she was cleaning and maintaining. Upon entering, he did not notice that the cage door was open, ”said Capt. Williams Espinosa, of Ranko’s first territory, according to Channel 13.

Firefighters were called to help and with the sound of a siren, the vehicle’s approach frightened the tiger away from the victim, so there was no need to faint. At the same place, other staff worked, but according to reports, their efforts to save the girl during the attack were in vain.

An employee of the zoo said the event affected everyone in the park.

“I do not work in her area, but it affects all of us in the park. She was a safari guide – she said she was” mechanistic “.

According to him, the girl’s death was the result of a lack of warning about the tiger area.

As far as I know she was sent to do this work and was not informed that the tiger cage was open. Here is the omission. If you are going to destroy that area, it is very logical for them to say be careful as the tiger is loose, but she was not warned.

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However, project manager Antonio Rojas offered a different version. He said the people assigned to clean were instructed to work only in the lion field. According to the manager, the team was advised not to enter LTTE territory.

“I don’t know why they went to the tiger field. There were clear signs that they should not enter the tiger field and clean the lions – Rojas reinforced by emphasizing that the victim’s job is not in the care of the animals.

After the incident, the park was closed and the case is being investigated by the government and police.