June 30, 2022

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A 2-year-old boy asks 31 hamburgers on the phone his mother left unopened

A Texas mother has learned an important lesson about leaving her phone unattended as her two-year-old son accidentally ordered 31 cheese burgers from McDonald’s.

On Monday, Kelsey Golden, a marketing and communications expert at an educational institution, was working on her computer at home in the school yearbook. When he transferred the photos from his phone to his computer, his two-year-old son Barrett began snatching the phone from his hands, he told CNN. Golden explained that he wanted his son to use the camera on his phone. “He wants to see his reflection,” he said, instead of playing games or performing other functions on his phone.

But this time, Barrett did not stare at his reflection: “He began to press down on the screen, his hand pulling like a roller coaster,” his mother says.

That’s when the announcement came that Golden Tortash had been ordered [um serviço de encomendas e entregas ao domicílio] It took longer than usual — it was unusual, because she sometimes used Tortoise to order lunch for her two older children at school, and she had packed her lunch that morning. A colleague added to the confusion when he told Golden that his children were having lunch at school – Tordash knew nothing.

“When she told me that, I was playing with Barrett on the porch,” he says. “A car stopped, I was like ‘what’? So I went there and she picked up a big McDonald’s bag of ’31 cheeseburgers?”

First, Golden says she thought the delivery woman was in the wrong house. “Then I realized Barrett was playing with my phone,” he says. “I went back and looked at my phone and saw that an order had been placed while he was playing with my phone.”

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“I thought, God, he really did it.”

“No one in our family likes cheeseburgers,” the accidental order was even more misleading, says Golden. So, he posted on his hometown Facebook page that he was offering free cheeseburgers.

“It almost exploded from there.”

“A woman came in, she was pregnant, she wanted six,” he says. “I do not judge.” He then served some cheeseburgers to the neighbors.

Total order $ 91.7 [87 euros]Golden says that because Barrett left the “really generous” 25% tip.

“I don’t know,” he says, referring to the incident as viral. On Friday, she and Barrett were invited to a meeting with the McDonald’s team, where their son could meet company logos, take pictures and taste. Tumors Of chicken.

Golden believes his son’s “accidental” request will help brighten people’s days. “I hope it spreads a little humor in a sad and dark world.”