December 7, 2022

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85 years later, the camera was discovered in a glacier in Canada

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Abandoned equipment for about 90 years has been discovered by scientists

The relentless search was like finding a needle in a haystack for the team involved. During those 85 years, the glaciers covering the mountain were able to move and change its shape slightly. The team knew the equipment had been left on the remote Walsh Glacier. By comparing then and current photos and calculating the movement rate of the glaciers, scientists were able to pinpoint the exact location.

Dora Metrica of the University of Ottawa was responsible for the calculations. According to him, the Walsh glacier shows some distinct movements, where there were peaks of these movements one or two years per decade. This question made the search considerably more difficult, however, as the device was found approximately 5 km further down than expected, a total of 22 km from where its owner had discarded it.

Among the equipment found was a camera Inside Aerial photography A Fairchild F-8 and two camcorders from the era that still had pictures on them. The researchers’ idea is to uncover unpublished images of the glacier in order to better understand its movement process over the years.

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