August 13, 2022

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8 people died in a fire in a Moscow hotel the world

The fire broke out early in the morning on the ground floor of the 15-storey building. Two hundred people in the hostel were able to rush out of the place in the southeast of the Russian capital.

The case escalated when the hotel’s fire alarm didn’t work, and some tourists were unable to escape because the windows were barred, according to the acting head of emergency services. Moscow, Andrei Roumiantsev. In 2019 and again in June this year, the city’s administrative controls noted violations of the site’s safety rules.

A photo of one of the shared rooms of a hostel in Moscow, Russia on July 29, 2022. – Photo: Associated Press

Police are yet to ascertain the cause of the fire.

“According to preliminary information, eight people have died and four have been hospitalized,” the investigative body in charge of major criminal affairs said in a statement.

The fire was quickly brought under control, but “bars on the windows prevented people from escaping,” says Rumyantsev.

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