December 4, 2022

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8 passengers at the weekend are not free at Guadalupe Airport, including bags in the bra

Guarulhos International Airport – Illustration

The extended vacation that ended last Tuesday, November 15, ended with the loss of freedom of eight passengers when they tried to spend with what they did not deserve at the Sao Paulo International Airport in Guarulhos.

Between Friday the 11th and Wednesday the 16th, the Federal Police said nearly 40kg of drugs were seized from passengers on international flights.

A national passenger from the Netherlands with special needs disembarked from Barcelona and his luggage was searched by the Federal Police. Ten kilos of methamphetamine and one kilo of LSD.

A woman from Trinidad and Tobago, traveling to Maputo, Mozambique, was seized with almost 11kg of cocaine inside a duvet lining.

Three kilos of the same drug was found hidden in the false bottom of his handbag with a Brazilian national. The man will leave for Athens, Greece.

In another move, federal police searched a passenger’s suitcase during check-in for a flight to Istanbul, Turkey, and found nothing suspicious. After check-in, the passengers did not go to board and were masked by the central police.

The suspect went to the bathroom and shortly after, another woman, with the same suitcase, approached the area. As they left the bathroom, the two were approached and their bags were X-rayed. In the passenger’s suitcase, nearly three kilos of cocaine were found hidden under a false bottom. The suspects, who boarded the same flight but with different final destinations, got the arresting voice.

Two kilos of cocaine were seized in the wrong bottom of his suitcase with a Surinamese man who was about to board a flight to Entebbe, Uganda.

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Finally, when she was about to travel to Narita, Japan with a woman from the Dominican Republic, female police officers found nearly five kilos of diluted cocaine, bagged inside her bra.

Federal police did not elaborate on the condition of the eighth person among the reported arrests.

Central Police Information