February 8, 2023

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8 humanoid robots with names and looks of humans

Dystopian movies have long fantasized about robots living among humans, and it looks like it’s getting closer to becoming a reality. This robotization of life appears to be a possibility, especially with humanoid robots capable of communicating, emoting, and performing highly complex movements.

Photo: Engineering Arts / Canaltech

oh Canaltech Made a list of the eight most realistic robots. Check:

8. Amega

Developed by British robotics company Engineering Arts, Amega is a humanoid robot that stands out for its highly realistic facial expressions and its quick response and conversational abilities. It was unveiled at CES 2022 and has 17 unique machines in its head, built from internal 3D scans of real people.


7. Sophia

Sophia was created by Hanson Robotics, an engineering and robotics company based in Hong Kong, China, and is known as the robot that promised to destroy humans. She can express facial expressions and various emotions, and has a quick response time and lip movements to match spoken words.


6. Geminoid DK

GeminoidDK is an ultra-realistic humanoid robot resulting from a collaboration between Japanese animatronics company Kokoro and Osaka University professor and researcher Hiroshi Ishiguro. The duo’s idea was to better understand human-computer interaction, and GeminoidDK is almost the twin brother of Danish professor Henrik Scharf.


5. Pina48

BINA48 was developed by Hanson Robotics and is known to be the first humanoid robot They teach at a university After being invited by the Military Academy at West Point, USA. The robot, created by a bust and almost replica of activist Pina Aspen Rothblatt, can converse on a variety of topics, including existential issues.

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4. Nadine

Nadine is a humanoid robot with extensive social capabilities developed by Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Its mission is to serve as a “social robot” for those in need of companionship or assistance. Nad’s look was inspired by Swiss computer scientist Nadia Magnet Thalmann.


3. Jia Jia

Considered China’s first humanoid robot, Jia Jia was developed by the University of Science and Technology of China. Zia has communication skills and accurate responses – albeit a little slow – and a more authentic appearance, but gestures and expressions are still mechanical.


2. Junko Chihira

The Junko Chihira robot is developed by a Japanese company Toshiba It can currently be found at tourist information centers in Tokyo and other cities, in collaboration with several universities in Japan as part of the country’s efforts towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Compared to other robots, Junko still needs work to provide real interactions, but from a distance it still looks “human.”


1. Atlas

Although not human-like in appearance, Atlas is a humanoid robot developed by the American Robotics Engineering Institute Boston Dynamics, capable of more complex operations and closer to humans. Its future purpose will be to carry out tasks that are considered dangerous to people, so it should have as many “human” movements as possible.


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