August 13, 2022

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300kg Giant Penis Installed in Mexico Cemetery: ‘Her Will’

A 99-year-old woman has asked family members to place a penis-shaped statue over her grave in Mexico. The history of the monument, which was unveiled last Saturday (23), has become popular on social networks. Information Wise.

At first, relatives of Caterina Ortuna Perez, known among the residents of the small town of Misantla, thought she was joking, but shortly before her death, the woman made it clear that her wish was genuine.

“She told me it was her wish, so that no one would forget her, so that everything we loved about her would be easy to remember,” said Caterina Alvaro Motta Limon’s grandson in an interview with the American website.

The woman died in January 2021. Since then, family members have rallied to fulfill the request.

They contacted Isidro Lavoingnet, an engineer known in the area for building plastic products such as tubs and children’s toys.

At first, he too thought this request was a joke. “These types of sculptures are not common, especially when it is done in memory of someone who has died,” he said. However, before long, he accepted the assignment.

After enlisting the help of more than 10 people — among them, a sculptor and a carpenter — Isidro completed the 1.6-meter-long and nearly 300-kilogram structure in a month. According to Katarina’s family, the most complicated part of the construction was the testicles, which had to be redone from scratch after being “distorted” on the first attempt.

The unveiling of the monument was done in a festive atmosphere, with Katarina’s friends and relatives around the grave and even in the presence of a band.

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According to Caterina’s grandson, the request was “intended to break the paradigms of Mexicans, who sometimes hide things because of a lack of openness,” the grandmother said.

After the job opening and the pictures became popular, many sought the services of the builder. However, others disagree with this idea.

“I think seven people out of 10 see the statue positively, if they don’t see it positively, at least respect her wish. There are others, however, with their conservative values, who cover up the situation,” said Katerina’s grandson.

According to him, the family discussed the possibility of criticizing the statue, but decided to fulfill the last wish of the old lady anyway.