October 2, 2022

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2,600-year-old cheese found in ancient Egyptian tomb

Published on 09/20/2022 20:09

The area where Halloumi was discovered became an archaeological site in 2018, with Egyptian artefacts and tombs beginning to be discovered in the area – (Credit: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities / Reproduction)

last An archaeological survey was carried out at the site of Saqqara in Egypt, revealed that the Egyptians also carefully preserved the region’s gastronomic riches. Blocks of cheese made 2,600 years ago by ancient residents have been found in clay pots in a cemetery there.

at Findings Done on 10th September. Archaeologists have found on the outside of containers inscribed words from the Egyptian script known as Demotic, which was prevalent between the 26th and 27th dynasties of Egypt from 664 to 404 BC.

Today, the cheese blocks are called halloumi, a delicacy made from goat’s and sheep’s milk and has a “squeaky” texture like biting into the sole of a new sneaker.

However, the ancient Egyptians called the dish haram, and in Coptic times, halloum. Since then, the dish gained more prominence in the 16th century when it became popular in the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to researchers, halloumi, discovered this month, held the title of oldest cheese ever discovered by archaeologists, but the prize was lost to a 2018 discovery of a piece made from dairy products dating back 3,200 years.

There are still dozens of vases to be opened on the trip, and researchers don’t know if the interior of the clay objects is also occupied by cheese or other delicacies.

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Sakkar Archaeological Site

The area where Hallomi was discovered became an archaeological site in 2018, as Egyptian artifacts and tombs began to be discovered in the area. Since then, five archaeological seasons have been promoted by the country’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Seven rock tombs, effigies and statues from ancient Egypt and the tomb of a Vahidi priest have already been discovered. In 2020 alone, the archaeological team found over 100 wooden coffins along with 40 idols of the god Sakhara.