August 15, 2022

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2022 New York Jets NFL Draft

2022 New York Jets NFL Draft

In a year in which six teams made several selections for the first round in 2022 NFL DraftThe New York Jets have the best venture capital of any team. General Manager Joe Douglas is rich with four picks in the first two rounds and five in the first 70 picks.

No team is well positioned to make an immediate impact on the list in this draft. And that’s great news for the Jets, as they find themselves looking (again) at the rest of East Asia.

To catch the Buffalo Bills, and to compete with the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, the Jets need a year two quarterback Zach Wilson To stay healthy and take a step forward. They also need to brief Wilson on the type of supporting actors who have helped young midfielders like Joe Borough Ascend in their second season. This will be the focus of the 2022 draft, while also meeting the basic needs of the defensive side of the ball.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help. With all nine selections the aircraft have in this draft (as of now), we’re crafting the perfect—while realistic—model draft.

First, some rules:

  • There are no deals expected in this model, although the Jets are well positioned to fall back in the first round.

  • We keep this realistic with every pick by crafting players who are ranked close to the selection number on the Big Board overall. Sorry Gates fans, you can’t steal Akim Ikuno or Aidan Hutchinson in round 2.

Scroll down to see what ESPN Jets reporter Rich Semeny thinks of my mock draft of the team he’s covering. Let’s start with general selection #4:

Round 1, No. 4: Travon WalkerDE, Georgia

With their first choice, the Jets needed a difference maker. Yes, they can make a safe choice and invest along the offensive line in the event of an offensive intervention Macy Picton It doesn’t work, or they can craft one of the best wide receivers in the class. But neither option presents the effect of the first day as well as the accelerated Walker future upside.

After losing a free proxy site Carl Lawson Injured before the start of the 2021 season, a rush of passes to the planes was revealed. Even with Lawson’s return in 2022, a showdown between him and the cavalier is a “must” for Douglas. Walker may intimidate some Jets fans as a “year-old wonder” or an “exercise warrior,” but his College Football Playoff and the tools he brings from a physical standpoint are impressive.

Against Michigan and Alabama, he’s got two bags and five tackles while being asked to take the advantage primarily against running – but these two games show the power and speed he brings to the table as a reckless player. Walker backed up his tape with an impressive compound performance, turning 4.51 seconds in a 40-yard dash at 6-foot-5, 272 pounds, while also jumping 36 inches in vertical and 10 feet-3 in wide to show off his strength . Its 6.89 second conical triple bore is good for one of the best times I’ve seen on the position due to its size.

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Walker is still a work in progress, but he has a rare combination of size, speed, power and an uncompromising passing mentality. With Hutchinson already off the board and a wide receiver not being rated early on, the Walker is the best choice the Jets could make.

Round 1, No. 10 (via SEA): Drake LondonWR, USC

Had it not been for a broken ankle in late October, London would likely have taken some post-season hardware and would have been a hotter name heading into the renewal season. As it stands, the 6-foot-5, 210-pound display left a mark in the scouts’ minds with his poor USC team performance throughout the first two months of the season.

London, unlike many receivers in this class, has an elite size. He also knows how to use it, controlling shadows in 50/50 situations and in the red. In just eight games, he had 88 passes for 1,084 yards and scored seven touchdowns despite the precarious USC quarterback position. And perhaps most importantly for Wilson’s development, London gives the young pitcher a much larger strike area as a bystander. London’s ability to score high and extend passes for close but imprecise passes should make him the centre-back’s new best friend.



Watch the best plays from former USC wide receiver Drake London ahead of the next NFL Draft.

Second Floor No. 35: Keller GordonCB, Washington

The University of Washington has become a must-see for Boy Scouts in recent years, especially when considering the position of the corner. In this category, there are two top 50 potential picks – Gordon and Trent McDuffy – They are both passionate about Scouts. With McDuffie expected in the first round, Gordon remains a great scheme suitable for the Jets’ second-day defense.

Gordon didn’t quite test his reputation on the set – he ran 4.52s 40s – but his bar shows a top-tier cover guy with the speed and instincts to make up for the lack of size (a little more 5ft-11) and tall (31in). Many expect the Jets to draft this type of aircraft for a kind of San Francisco instructor Robert Saleh’s length, but the signature DJ Red It seems to indicate that they prefer technology and ability to cover up over sheer volume. If so, Gordon fits the bill perfectly.

Planes can roll with CG Mosley And the Quincy Williams As a 2022 starter, but the chance to upgrade and/or add depth with their fourth draft pick should be tempting. With Harris on the board, Douglas could give Saleh the kind of quick quarterback he had in San Francisco that he lacked in New York.

Harris was a freshman for three years in Alabama and broke some stereotypes about Nick Saban’s linebackers while showing agility and playmaking ability that most wouldn’t associate with Crimson Tide strikes in the position. Harris has been all over the field the past two seasons collecting 10 sacks, one interception, five defensive passes and 158 total tackles. His shot is impressive enough, but his 4.44-second run at 40 yards in a 6-foot-2, 226-pound dash should open more eyes on his NFL three-pronged ability.

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Harris plans as an early pick for round two, has starter traits and will push for instant playtime in a valid scheme.

Third Floor No. 69: Abraham LucasOT, Washington State

The Jets appear content to be back with Becton on the left-footed after a 2021 season that saw him play only one game. Becton – the 11th overall pick in the 2020 draft – has potential but should join the field on a more consistent basis. If he can’t, Lucas is a potential replacement for the third round due to his fit scheme and the physical attributes he brings to the table.

As a four-year novice to the block-area scheme he’s a bit raw as a running blocker, but he has the agility to become a force in the block-area scheme like the one managed by the Jets. His elite performance saw him turn in 4.92 seconds in 40, a 7.25-second three-cone workout and a 4.4-second 20-yard shuttle—all numbers that put him in the 97th percentile in those drills historically.

Round three is a great time to look at a player with Elite Measurements who may be deficient in one area (running block) of their game that you think can be trained. Given that Becton is a wild card, Lucas becomes a huge value and a potential starter for New York.

Fourth round, #111 (via CAR): Nick CrossS, Maryland

As a hawk in the play industry, Cross could be the third choice at the back end of the Jets’ minor with the upside to becoming a potential starter in free safety, as Ashten Davis He is the expected alternative to the departing free agent Marcus May.

Three cross interceptions and five passes defended in 2021 cut his coverage, and 4.34 seconds in the 40-foot-10 wide jump and 10 are both elite numbers for a safety position. The 6-foot-2, 212-pound Cross has been a rookie this drag season, and his range and speed in the open field could cause him to be off the board with his 111th pick.

Fourth round, #117 (via MIN): Dylan ParhamJ/C, Memphis

Formerly a tight end, Parham has impressed throughout this pre-season with his improvement as a barrier, both in runs and matches. The Jets seem to have their five start set, but in Round 4, finding a potential third attacking guard who also has scouts they believe can play in the middle is a boost to the team’s overall depth on the offensive line.

Parham ran a 40-yard dash with a duration of 4.93 seconds at harvest, perfect for the blocking system implemented by offensive coordinator Mike Lafleur. Depth and future needs on the internal offensive line remain key building points for the aircraft. Parham helps fill in one important area of ​​depth.

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Fifth Floor, No. 146: Philos Jones Jr.WR, Tennessee

In the fifth round, the general managers look for players who can be players who play a role and influence special teams in the junior seasons. We don’t expect Round 5 players to be novices, even in a “perfect dummy project”.

Jets can get a quick pass catcher here at Jones, who has the skill to touch the ball as a runner, receiver, and back man right out of the gate. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound player had eight total touchdowns in 2021 and is one of the best kick-takers in the 2022 class. Jones’ ability to be the fifth receiver/offensive chess piece and start the kick back is a huge value so late.

Fifth round, No. 163 (via hole): Cameron DeckerK, Texas

You might close your eyes when crafting a kicker, but the team at the Cincinnati Bengals had a hit when they crafted Evan Macpherson In the fifth round last year. The Jets need a Kicker — they’ve signed veteran Greg Zuerlein, who’s going to have a bad season — and he can grab Dicker’s strong leg from Texas, a school that has become a special pipeline for teams into the NFL.

He made 86.7% of his kicks in 2021 and had his most successful season taking field kicks. His 57-yard length also proves that the “Decker kicker” has a leg up for success in the NFL. There are rarely instant effects in the late round, but Decker could be the Jets’ new kicker right away.

Take Rich Semini

It’s hard to argue with the first two choices. Jets absolutely need a 4-3 foot rim pusher. It is just a matter of ‘who’ and ‘when’. It could certainly happen with the fourth general selection. The only question with Walker is the whole “exercise warrior”. Pardon Jets fans if hypersensitive; They had to live Vernon Gilston.

London will fulfill a need because Wilson needs a big body that can win 50-50 balls. They have enough smaller players in attack with the receiver Elijah Morreceiver Braxton Pirios And back to back Michael Carter. But they need a skyscraper to conjugate on a large scale Corey Davis (6ft-3).

Gordon is a good prospect, but the planes just signed DJ Red (5ft-9), do they really want another little corner? The second-round full-back (Harris) will be a surprise. Coaches really love CG Mosley And the Quincy Williams, although it is worth noting that the future is cloudy. Williams will be a free agent in 2023, and Mosley could be a victim.

As for Decker Kicker, why not? Have you watched Kickers Jets in recent years? They were the gang that couldn’t kick straight, and Dicker could compete with Zuerlein.