March 27, 2023

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1877 Time Capsule opens in the United States; Know what was found

Virginia, USA – The 1877 capsule began its analysis this Wednesday by experts in the preservation of history in the United States. The object was found on the pedestal last Friday in the state of Virginia Robert E. Statue of Lee, General who fought for the partition of the enslaved South during the 19th century American Civil War.

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The statue is one of the largest federal monuments in the country. Deleted After being targeted for anti-racist protests on December 8th.

The container found at the site was made of lead, which was corroded, which simplified the opening and analysis process and took several hours as experts used various tools to remove the box.

The box-opening process began at noon (GMT) and ended at 5:00 pm, with Governor Ralph Northam raising the lid of the capsule to reveal the contents.

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Chelsea Blake, Defender of the Virginia Historical Resources Department, participated in the removal of the artifact and explained how the corrosion of the rectangular capsule, the size of a large shoe box, affected the opening process.

When pressed against a carbide-tipped vibrator with a capsule, Blake said, “it looks like the cap was put on and then the lead rolled over, and then water seeped in.”

Among the artifacts found in the box were the 1875 Almanac, a coin, at least three books of different sizes and colors, paper and a cloth envelope. Some items were difficult to identify due to their condition.

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“It’s very humid,” said Conservative Gate Ridgeway of the Virginia Department of Historical Resources when looking at the rusty time capsule. “We try to protect what we can in this book,” Ridgeway said.

The time capsule was discovered by a team involved in the removal of the statue, which, according to a report from Nordham’s office, found a “different” area and carved out a section of granite block to reveal it.

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According to the governor’s office, “37 Richmond residents, companies and businesses have contributed about 60 items to the capsule, many of which are believed to be affiliated with the federation,” the records show.

When the capsule was opened, the government planned to build a new time capsule to reflect the current Virginia.

“This monument and its time capsule represent Virginia in 1890, and it’s time to remove both, so that our public spaces better reflect who we are in 2021,” the governor said. – The last 18 months have seen historic changes from the epidemic that led to the removal of these monuments for lost cause, from anti-racial justice. It is appropriate to replace the old time capsule with a new one that tells the story, ”he added.

The government has selected 39 people to add artifacts to the 2021 time capsule, which is expected to include approvals for 2020 ethnic justice protests, as well as items including epidemic-related masks and vaccination cards.