March 25, 2023

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15 different baby names that start with the letter “I” and their meanings

Many people try to go beyond the obvious when choosing Name for your child, but this is not always an easy task. Often, at this stage, we forget about the possibilities that exist, so having a guide is very useful. So today we are going to introduce you 15 name inspirations with the letter “I”. For your baby on the way. Check it out below!

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15 Names You Can Give Your Baby

The name means “honey lips” in Guarani. They say it was the creation of writer José de Alencar with the intention of naming a character in a book.

Jacob is known to have held his twin brother Esau’s heel when he was born. Thus, the name Iago comes from the Latin of the Hebrew name Jacob or Yaco, meaning “heel”.

The name is of Norse origin (the Germanic language that brought the Scandinavian languages) and means “Amazon of the God of Peace and Fertility.”

Isabella comes from the Hebrew name Jezebel, meaning “chastity, purity”, “God is true” or “dedicated to God”.

The name is of Greek origin and means “gift”, “gift” or “gift”. Additionally, it is considered an homage to the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility (Isis).

The name Inês is of Spanish (Inez) and Greek (Hagnes) origin, a variation of the name Agnes, meaning “pure”, “purity”.

Icarus is a name of Greek origin, meaning “follower”.

Israel is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “he wrestles with God”. In the Christian Holy Bible, he is depicted as a man who fought an angel and won the battle.

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Ian comes from Hebrew and is a Scottish variant of the name John. According to records, the name appears for the first time in Portugal in documents of the 9th century.

This diminutive name of Egyptian origin is linked in mythology to the goddess of fertility and maternal love. Hence, its meanings are “lady of the throne” or “owner of the throne”.

It is a very beautiful name, with an even more beautiful meaning. The name is of Greek origin meaning “bringer of peace” or “peacemaker”.

It derives from the French name Yvette (perhaps of Germanic origin) and meaning “yew”, a tree with poisonous leaves that was widely used in the Middle Ages for making bows and arrows.

Ida is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “honeycomb”. By extension, it has the meaning of “sweet woman” or “a woman of great sweetness”.

The name is said to be of Greek origin, a Russian variation of the name George, meaning “farmer”, “one who works with the land”.

It comes from the Hebrew yishmay, from Ishmael, connected with Ishma, meaning “He will hear” or “God will hear”.