February 7, 2023

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14 killed, 24 inmates escape in Mexico prison attack

The Public Ministry of the state of Chihuahua announced this Sunday (1st) that a prison in Ciudad Juárez, in the north, was attacked by suspected criminals armed. Mexico14 people were killed, including ten guards, and 24 prisoners.

“14 deaths have been recorded, including ten security and prison guards and four people have lost their liberty. In addition, 13 people have been injured and at least 24 are on the run,” the Chihuahua MP said in a statement.

The raid took place at dawn, when gunmen drove into the prison in armored vehicles and opened fire on guards as family members waited to enter the compound for New Year’s visits.

According to preliminary investigations, the attack was intended to facilitate the escape of a group of prisoners.

After the incident, the state police – with the help of the army – made four arrests, without specifying whether they were escaped prisoners or participants in the attack, the MP said.

According to local press, some inmates rioted inside the prison, set fire to various objects and clashed with prison guards.

According to these versions, the shooting outside the prison triggered panic among local residents, while the city hall asked people not to approach the area where the prison is located.

About five hours after the attack began, security forces were able to control the situation at the prison, the state attorney’s office said.

The prison in Ciudad Juárez, a major city for drug trafficking to the United States, has held members of the armed branches of the Sinaloa and Juárez cartels, which have fought the control of drug trafficking in the region for more than 15 years. .

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The prison has been the scene of several clashes between rival gangs and insurgents, including one in March 2009 that killed 20 people – one of the most violent.

According to a February 2022 report by the State Human Rights Commission, more than 3,700 people are being held in the Ciudad Juárez prison, which can hold 3,135 inmates.