May 21, 2022

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10th day of war in Ukraine marked by exchange of accusations of failed ceasefire | The world

This Sunday (6), the Russian invasion Ukraine The eleventh reaches tomorrow.

Saturday (5) Minister of External Affairs UkraineDmitro Guleba said that the humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of people from Mariupol and Volnovoka were not functioning because the Russians did not abide by the ceasefire agreements.

At a news conference, Guleba called for a new round of sanctions against the Russian government.

Russia announced a five-hour “partial ceasefire” and said its military would suspend “local” attacks. Both Mariupol and Volnovoka in eastern Ukraine initially benefited.

However, the city’s province said on Saturday that the evacuation of residents of the strategic Ukrainian port of Mariupol, surrounded by Russian forces, had been delayed due to repeated violations of the Russian ceasefire.

Ukrainian refugees being pushed through the border gate to enter Poland – Photo: Reuters

The evacuation of civilians, which was scheduled to begin before noon (local time), was “postponed for security reasons” because Russian forces “continue to bomb Mariupol and its environs,” the province told the Telegram Processor.

Russia’s Defense Ministry says the country has indeed opened humanitarian corridors, but Ukrainian nationalists have reportedly blocked civilian exits.

President of Russia, Vladimir PutinHe said Western sanctions against the country were tantamount to a declaration of war and warned that any attempt to ban flights would be made. Ukraine Would be tantamount to entering into conflict.

When he was president Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky called on the United States to extend sanctions against Russia. Zhelensky called on the US government to stop importing oil from Russia.

The two countries are expected to resume talks on Monday (7).

Suspension of MasterCard and Visa operations in Russia

-HN- VISA Credit Cards – Photo: Jason Reid / Reuters

Visa and MasterCard announced on Saturday (5) that they would suspend all their operations in Russia in the wake of the attacks against Russia. Ukraine From February 24th.

Visa said in a statement that the cards of this brand in the country will cease to operate outside the Russian Federation.

MasterCard, for its part, said that cards issued by Russian banks would no longer be supported by the network. Also, any MasterCard issued outside the country will not work at Russian merchants or ATMs.

1.5 million refugees

The UN says 1.5 million people will leave Ukraine on Sunday (6).

And the number of refugees in Ukraine will reach 1.5 million this weekend, according to the UN Security Council on Saturday (5).

“This is the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II,” Filippo Grande, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, told Reuters in a telephone interview.

Blinking waves as he leaves for Europe on Thursday (3) – Photo: Reuters

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen met with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

According to the AFP, Blinken and Kuleba met for 45 minutes under heavy security at the border point where thousands of refugees were crossing and discussed sending weapons. Ukraine And mechanisms for increasing pressure on Moscow.

“I hope people will be inside Ukraine This can be seen as a clear indication that we have friends on our side, “said Guleba after meeting at the Korsova-Krakowets border checkpoint.

This Saturday (5), Blinken spoke with Polish officials.

Summary of recent events:

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