March 27, 2023

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102-Life sentence for sex offender with corpse | World News | Online diary

The trial of 67-year-old David Fuller ended Wednesday (15) and he was sentenced to life in prison for sexually abusing at least 102 bodies in the UK. David worked as a hospital electrician and used the profession to enter the morgue and commit crimes. The victims ranged in age from nine to 100.

According to The Guardian, David began his series of crimes in 1987 by expelling two women in the British state of Kent. For 33 years after the incident, the man, through DNA testing, believed he would never be caught until he was identified as the main suspect in the crime.

According to the newspaper, when police raided the home of the offender in December 2020, DVDs with records of him raping the deceased were found. All of the seized items were used with evidence during the investigation, and David pleaded guilty at the morgue between 2008 and 2020.

Fuller’s necrophilic attacks are considered the most comprehensive crimes of this type in British legal history. After his arrest, Fuller said in an interview that he did not enjoy sex. He recorded the abuse, then took videos and photos he had seen and listed them according to the types of attacks he had committed. Some of the records contained the names of the victims, a folder titled “Best so far”.

The court said Fuller examined several of the victims on Facebook after the attacks.

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Judge Seema-Grupp, who is in charge of the trial, openly stated that his intention was to get Fuller to die in prison.

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“After killing two young women with the promise of life, you became an eagle, you picked your victims from the dead. In the hidden world of hospital morgues, you were left free to live because you had an identity card,” he said during the sentence.