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ைக் Micron re-infection rate appears to be high, but mild symptoms, WHO says – 12/08/2021

A Omigron variant Do Corona virus The WHO (World Health Organization) said on Wednesday (8) that the resumption appears to have a higher rate, however, causing milder symptoms, while Pfizer and Bioentech confirmed that their anti-covalent vaccine against the strain was “effective” after three. Levels of prophylactic agent.

“Initial data from South Africa increase the risk of re-infection by omigrans, but more data are needed to make more conclusive conclusions,” Tetros Adonom Caprais warned at a news conference in Geneva.

“There is also evidence that Omigron causes less severe symptoms than Delta [a variante mais dominante atualmente], But to be sure, very soon, “he added.

Pfizer and Bioentech Labs are emphasizing the effectiveness of the current vaccine against the Omigron variant.

Prior to the announcements, top UN and White House scientists pointed out that existing anti-Govt vaccines were appropriate against Omigran, with its latest discovery in South Africa triggering a wave of panic.

U.S. virologist Angela Rasmussen said the first data released by Pfizer and other independent studies were “at least encouraging.”

“The third dose will reduce the risk of infection for those who have been vaccinated,” he told AFP.

Nevertheless, he cautioned that antibody levels – the only one measured so far – are not the only way to combat the disease.

Questions about performance

The first results of a study, in part, did not generate much confidence.

According to the AHRI (Africa Health Research Institute), the South African organization that funded one of the first studies of omigran resistance to vaccines, this variant “partially escapes the immunity given by the Pfizer vaccine”.

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Michael Ryan, who is in charge of the WHO’s Emergencies, pointed out that studies of this variation are still in their infancy.

Omigran was discovered by South African authorities on November 24 and its presence has been confirmed in dozens of countries.

“The most common pattern we have seen so far has not shown an increase in severity. In fact, in some parts of South Africa, mild symptoms have been reported,” Dr. AFP Anthony Fauci told White. Home Science Consultant.

However, Omigron is “clearly more contagious” than Delta, Fauci added.

Pfizer and BioNTech warned that “the (new variant) will probably not be sufficiently neutralized after two doses”.

But they said “based on unpublished studies, a vaccine against the corona virus would be effective if three doses were administered, including the Omigron variant.”

However, both labs said they would continue to work on “making a specific vaccine” against Omigran, hoping to “get it in March if an adaptation is needed”.

UN calls for compulsory vaccination

However, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights warned on Wednesday that compulsory vaccination would not be acceptable under any circumstances.

“People are not required to be vaccinated under any circumstances, but if a person refuses to comply with the obligation to be vaccinated, they could face legal consequences, such as appropriate fines,” Michelle Bachelet said in a video message.

This, despite the fact that there is a concern in Europe, occurs in the middle of the fifth wave Delta variant.

Considering the number of cases on the continent, the WHO recommends protecting children currently in the most vulnerable group and making compulsory vaccination a “last resort”.

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To avoid new school closures and the return of distance education, the European section of the WHO advises strengthening testing in schools and thinking about vaccinating school children.

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced stricter restrictions on the issuance of healthcare permits, including widespread teleworking and the issuance of passports in some places from Monday.

Norway has announced measures to limit the number of people in meetings since Thursday.

The Danish government has decided to extend the Christmas holidays to four days and generalize delivery as much as possible from December 10. Also, bars and restaurants are expected to close at midnight.

In Austria, meanwhile, the opera ball, scheduled for February 24 in Vienna, has been canceled for the second year in a row due to infection.